Pre-Production Comments


This article will describe the pre-productions comment feature and how it can be used in Pixelz PRO.

What Are Pre-Production Comments?

Pre-production comments allow you to add specific requirements and mark-ups to individual images in your order. Though a majority of your image requirements should be covered in your specification creation during the onboarding process, pre-production comments can be used for unique cases where additional edits are needed.


When you add a comment, you can use the marker colors to indicate a specific comment should be used for a specific part of the image. For example, you can use purple to ask to remove a reflection and use red to ask to remove an imperfection on the product. These mark-up indicators will then help guide the editors in applying the comment requirements.

Editing Comments

Once a comment is added to your order it will show up on the image. By clicking on the comment icon or right-clicking on image, you can edit or delete the image comment prior to placing your order.

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