How To View and Filter Orders


This article will describe how to view and filter your orders in your Pixelz online account.

Filtering Menus

There are three different filtering menus at the top of the Orders page:

  1. Status
  2. Specifications
  3. Thumbnails

Status Menu

The status menu allows you to filter all the orders in your account, based on their order status within the Pixelz production system. Your orders can be sorted by any of the following states:

  1. Show All
  2. In Production
  3. Awaiting Specification
  4. Awaiting Payment
  5. Ready For Download
  6. Partially Ready
  7. Waiting For Combination

Once you select an option, only the orders in that status will appear on the Orders page for review.

Specification Menu

The specification menu allows you to filter your orders, based on the specification or folder they were uploaded to. Simply select the specification or folder you want to filter the orders by and the orders will update on the page.

Thumbnail Menu

The thumbnail menu allows you to choose whether to display the image thumbnails on the order menu or not. Choosing Full will display the thumbnails, while choosing No Thumbnails will hide them.



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