Updating Shoptiques Specifications


This article will describe how to update your Shoptiques specifications when the image requirements have changed in the Shoptiques marketplace.

Delete Current Specification

  1. Log into your Pixelz account
  2. Click on Specifications
  3. Locate the Shoptiques specification that needs to be updated
  4. Click on the dropdown menu to the right of the specification and click Delete

Download Shoptiques Specifications

  1. Click on Create New
  2. Click on Markeplace
  3. Click on Shoptiques

Re-downloading the Shoptiques specifications will update and/or add any new specifications for Shoptiques image requirements. This will not create duplicates of existing Shoptiques specifications in your account, it will just provide the updates for the ones that were deleted. 


Once the Shoptiques specifications have updated, you will be all set to upload your images!


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