Shoptiques Specifications


This article will describe how to add the Shoptiques marketplace specifications into your Pixelz account.

Shoptiques Specifications

Shoptiques currently has multiple category specifications that it offers to their Pixelz customers, to help ensure their shop images will meet the Shoptique image requirements. When a Pixlez user chooses the Shoptiques specification option in the marketplace wizard, the product will automatically add all available specification categories to the user's account. Not to worry, if you don't need one of the category specifications, you can simply delete the specification out of your account.

Setting Up The Shoptiques Specifications

Click on Specifications and click Create Specification


Click on Marketplaces


Click on the Shoptiques icon and click Continue (loading time may take 10-15 seconds)


Once the specifications are done loading they will appear in the Specifications section of your account


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