How To Edit An Existing Order


This article will describe when and how you can edit or cancel an existing order before it goes into production for processing.

Editing An Order

There is a very small window of time to edit an order before it goes into the Pixelz production system. If you notice a mistake or change that needs to be made to an order after you submit it, you can still edit the order if the order status is, "Ready For Production." 

To edit the order, click on "View" and this will take you to the order confirmation page to add images, comments or delete images. Once your order is updated, click on "Submit Order" to submit the order changes.

Canceling An Order

If an order is still in the status of "Ready For Production" you can cancel the order by clicking on the Cancel button to the right of the order.


You will receive a confirmation screen to make sure you want to cancel your order. Once you cancel your order, you will receive free image credits for the amount of images that were in your order.


Please note, that once your order has gone from the status of "Ready For Production" to "In Production" the order cannot be changed or canceled.




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