How To Save Payment Information


This article will describe how to save your payment information to your account to use on future orders. 

Saving Payment Information

Pixelz allows you to save your payment information in your account to be used for future orders. This can be done in your the "Payment Methods" section of your account information or can be saved on the payment screen when completing an order. 

Add Credit Card Information To Your Account

Click on the Account section in the menu bar on the left


Click on "Payment Methods" and then select "Add Payment Method"


Enter your credit card information then click on "Add Payment Method"


Your credit card information will then be saved on your account to easily use for future orders


Saving Payment Information During The Order Flow

When you are paying for an order, check the box that says "Save Payment Method" 


Your payment information will then be saved in your account to be used on future orders.


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