How To Create An Invisible Mannequin Effect


This article will describe how to set-up an invisible mannequin effect for your product images.

Invisible Mannequin Effect

Whether you know it as the invisible mannequin, 3D effect, neck insert or ghost mannequin, it's all the same! With the invisible mannequin effect, you can upload 2-5 images in your Pixelz order to be combined into one. An invisible mannequin effect can be used on your apparel images for sleeves, necks, waists, hats or any other section that needs a 3D effect. 

Creating An Invisible Mannequin Effect

Step 1

Create Your Order


Step 2

Upload the product images and image inserts you need to combine.


Step 3

Create Your Specification


Step 4

Select the Invisible Mannequin option from the Add-Ons section


Step 5

Click the Invisible Mannequin radio button and click "Save" to apply this add-on to your specification.


Step 6

Once you save and select the specification for your order, you will need to choose your images to be combined manually. To select your images to combine, hold down the Control or Command key (depending on your system), and click on the images to multi-select. Once the images are highlighted, right-click on one of the images and click Combine.


Step 7

Once your images are combined, you will be taken to the confirmation page to review the combination or combine more images if needed. Once your images are combined, you will not see all of your images, just the single image for each product that has been combined. For example, if you upload 8 images and each invisible mannequin contains 2 images, you will only see 4 final images on the confirmation screen after they have been combined.




You will only pay for the combined image and not the individual images for the order.Once you have confirmed everything is correct, simply submit payment for your order and your invisible mannequin images will be back in your account within 24 hours. 


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