Duplicate Images


This article will describe how the Pixelz production team handles duplicate images that are uploaded into a single or multiple order(s).

Uploading Duplicate Images

If you accidentally upload duplicate images into a single or multiple orders, not to worry, Pixelz has a default process for handling them. When duplicate images are uploaded, meaning images with the same file name, Pixelz will automatically flag them as duplicates. For example, if you are uploading with the web uploader and you upload 10 images and two are duplicates, you will may only see 8 images when you go to confirm your order, as Pixelz has flagged the duplicates. 

Charging and Processing Duplicates

Pixelz will always try to catch and flag duplicates before they are submitted to an order. This way, you will not be charged for any duplicate images that are processed. If you do end up being charged for a duplicate, we can easily credit your account for the duplicate images. 

When your images are returned, we will return to you the duplicate images, just in case you need them. So if you upload 10 images and 2 of them are duplicates, we will still return the 8 unique images plus the 2 duplicates. 



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