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Have questions about uploading your images? This article will help walk you through some of the more common questions and resolutions that you may run into when uploading your images.

Why Is My Upload Taking So Long?

Customers who experience longer than normal upload times, are most likely be due to the upload speed (provided by your ISP) and/or file size of the images you are uploading. For instance, JPGs are relatively small in file size compared to TIFFs, which may make a significant difference in upload times for orders with the same amount of images.

If you are experiencing this issue with the web uploader, we recommend trying out the FTP upload option for images with larger file sizes. You can learn more about our FTP upload option here.

Why Aren't The Thumbnails Showing The Images I Uploaded?

When you upload your images, especially with a large order or file size, our system may not immediately recognize your images. This is especially common when uploading via the FTP uploader, as it takes longer to process the image thumbnails into your account. If your thumbnails don't immediately show your images, we recommend checking back in within the hour and they the thumbnails should be up to date.

Why Do I Get An "Error - File Type!" Pop-Up When Uploading My Image?

This happens when incompatible file formats are uploaded, such as RAW file formats. We only accept RAW file formats through our FTP uploader due to the large file sizes that RAW images can have. Learn more about uploading RAW images via FTP here.

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