How To Upload Images via FTP


This article will describe how to upload images to your order via a FTP client.

Create An Order

To see the image upload options in your account, click on "Orders" the click "Create New." This will bring you to the upload options page.

Uploading Images via FTP

To upload files using FTP, first click the "FTP" option on the uploads page.

Here you are shown your FTP credentials so that you can connect to the Pixelz site using a 3rd party FTP program, such as FileZilla (Recommended). For more information on uploading via FTP, read our step-by-step FTP Image Upload Guide here.

Please note that our software pushes all FTP uploads very quickly (usually within 5 minutes) into our production system. Do not worry if you have a large order uploading and by the time it's done you don't see all your files. They are safely in our production system awaiting your payment to be processed.

Paying For Your Order

After you upload your images via FTP, you must log in to your Pixelz account and pay for your images.  Your images will not be sent to production until your payment as been made. Learn more about how to pay for your images here.

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