How To Create A Multiple Output Order


This article will describe how to create multiple outputs for your images in a single order. 

Multiple Output Orders

If you need different requirements for the same set of images, Pixelz offers the ability for you to set up a multiple output order. For example, if your images need to have a version with a psd output with a clipping path applied, and a version that is Amazon compliant, you can create a multiple output order to achieve this.

Creating a Multiple Output Order

You can complete the following steps to set up a multiple output order:

1) Set up the specifications you need for your order.

2) Once your specifications are set up, begin creating your order.

 3) On the "Select Specification" page, you can select the multiple specifications you need for the order. For each additional specification, you will only pay 20% of the specification price, which offers you huge savings on multiple output orders!


Once your specifications are chosen, you can continue to submit your order as usual and your images will be processed as a multiple output order. You can view both versions of images by using the drop down menu on our Before/After tool in the Quality Inspector.


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