Why Were Some Of My Images Rejected?


If you receive an email from our production team that your images were rejected, this article will help you to understand some of the reasons why they could not be processed.

Rejected Images

If your images were rejected by our production team it could be for one of the following reasons:

1) Corrupted Files

  • Your image files were corrupted when opened by our production team and they could not download the image.
  • The file could not be opened by our production team to download the image.

2) Canvas Size Issue

  • Pixelz cannot enlarge images as we cannot guarantee the quality when doing so. If your images are smaller than the canvas size you have chosen for them to be cropped to, then your images will be rejected.
  • Example: Original image is 1000x1000 and you have requested the order be processed so that all images are 1200x1200. In this scenario, your images will be rejected due to being too small.

Correcting Images

If your images are rejected by our production team, they will credit your account for the number of images that could not be processed. You can then correct your images for processing, and re-upload them without being charged. 

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