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Have questions about downloading your images? This article will help walk you through some of the more common questions and resolutions that you may run into when downloading your images.

How Long Will My Images Be Available For Download?

Pixelz will only host images in your account for 30 days. It is best practice to download your images to your computer or alternate hosting site, as soon as you approve your images.

Why Are My Image Sizes Not Matching My Specifications After I Download Them?

When you download your images from Pixelz, you want to make sure that you are downloading them directly from your account. If you right-click and download from preview mode, the size of the downloaded image will be altered and may not match your requested, optimized image size.

I'm Clicking Download In My Account and Nothing Is Happening?

Many times when an image is failing to download, it is due to a fail in an internet connection. Double check your connection, re-login to your account and try your download again.

Next Steps

If you still have questions about downloading your images, please contact

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