Rejecting & Correcting Images


This article will assist you with rejecting and correcting any issues with your processed images. At Pixelz we have a 100% quality guarantee.  If there is a problem with one of your images, you can use our rejection tool to reject the image and have it corrected by our editors within 30 days from the original submission date.

Rejecting A Single Image

1) Right click on the image you need to reject and click Reject


2) Use the pen tool to create any call-outs on the image and use the comment box to tell our editors what needs to be corrected. Once your call outs and comments are added click on the red Reject button to send the image back for processing


3) You can review all your rejected images and their status by clicking on the Rejections option in the main menu on the left hand side of your Pixelz account


4) If you have any active rejected images in production, the status of the rejected images will also appear within your order


Rejecting An Entire Order

1) Click on the order you need to reject


2) Click on Order Options and select Reject Entire Order


3) Provide a detailed reason as to what needs to be edited for every image in the order. For example, if all the images have a white background and you needed a transparent background you would write, "Replace white background with transparent background for all images." Once you've provided a rejection reason, click Reject


All rejected images are given priority in our production system and will be returned to your account within 24 hours.

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