Custom Upload & Download Methods


This article will describe the supported file types that can be used when submitting your images for optimization.

Supported File Types

To make it as easy as possible to update your images wherever they are  – be it on a listing tool, a multi-channel integration system, shopping cart software or image hosting service – we support the upload of almost any file that you can export from the system you’re using.

The only requirement is that the file is in txt, csv, json or xml format and contains image URLs. Include whatever additional fields you need to easily import the data back into your system (i.e. SKU, Item ID, Title, etc.).

We also accept the Amazon Image Defect Report which is a text file given to Amazon sellers when their images do not meet Amazon’s image guidelines.

Image Retrieval

Whichever file type you upload, our system will simply extract the image URLs and download the images. When the editing is complete, we will replace the image URLs with new ones, leaving all other data intact. Import this new file to whatever system you’re using to instantly update your images.

View our sample files here.

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