Specifications FAQ's


This article will help answer some of our most commonly asked questions about creating and maintaining your specifications.

I Updated My Specification, Is There A Way To Update My Previous Orders To Reflect The Changes?

Unfortunately, if you update a specification, you will need to create and submit a new order to apply the changes to any new or previously optimized images.

Can I Leave A Comment To Change Just 1 or 2 Images In My Order That Is Different From My Specification?

If you have small changes for particular images, that will vary from the specification you are using in your order, we recommend setting up a separate specification. If you do not want to set up a separate specification, you can leave a comment on the image itself before submitting your order. Learn more about leaving comments on a single image here.

Can I Use Two Specifications On One Order?

Absolutely! If you need different outputs for your images, you can select multiple specifications to be applied to a single order. When you receive your images back, you can compare the different outputs using our Before/After feature. See our full article on how to create a multiple output order here.

Can I Add A Comment Or Specific Instructions To My Specification?

Yes! For adding detailed instructions to your specification, we recommend you use the Manual Specification option. This option has a text box that will allow you to add comments that may not already be covered in our specification wizards.


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