How To Name Images For The Invisible Mannequin Effect


This article will assist you with adding the correct naming conventions to image files that will need to be combined to create an invisible mannequin effect, when uploaded via FTP.

Naming Your Images

Before you upload your invisible mannequin images via the FTP client, it's important that you create a relevant specification in your Pixelz account. Just pick the "Invisible Mannequin" add-on option when creating your order specification. Please remember to write any special instructions in the comment field of the specification. You can learn more about adding comments to a specification here.

It's very important that images you upload via FTP are named in such a way, that our system can see which images belong to the same product. You do this by giving each new image in a series, the same name and a different ending. You can use either a (-) or an underscore (_).

Examples of Correct Combined Image Names




*These will be combined into myimage.jpg




*These will be combined into imagename.jpg

Important! When uploading via FTP, there can be a delay of up to 30 minutes before the uploaded images are visible in your Pixelz account.

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