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What are the new picture standards?

From May 2013, images must be a minimum of 500 pixels on the longest side, with 1600 pixels as the recommended size. Borders, logos, text and most watermarks are no longer permitted. eBay also recommends that products be cropped tightly and placed on a white background.

How do I get my images to you?

The easiest way is to enter your eBay account details and we’ll collect your images directly from eBay. You can also upload a list of image URLs or upload directly from your computer.

How do you know which images to edit?

We’ll display all your images as thumbnails. You can simply select the ones you’d like us to edit. We recommend that you send us all your images which contain graffiti, borders and non-white backgrounds so that you can be sure that you meet the new requirements come October.

How do I get my images back from you?

If you use the eBay connector to get your images to us, the connector has a publish feature, that will allow you to push your images, directly back to their listing. The listing must be active (not deleted or expired) to be able to publish the images directly from Pixelz to your eBay account.

I have thousands of images, can you still deliver in 24 hours?

Yes! We’re used to handling large quantities of images. We have a monthly capacity of close to one million images, so no problem.

How do I know when they’re ready?

You’ll receive an email from us when your images are ready for download.

For how long will the image URLs function?

We store your finished images for 30 days. The image URLs we provide you are strictly for the purposes of updating your images, wherever they’re hosted. Your images will be deleted after 30 days and the image URLs will no longer .

How long will it take?

Your images will be ready for download within 24 hours. We work 7 days a week so this also applies to weekends.

Can you make my images larger?

No. If your images are smaller than the recommended 500 pixels on the longest side, it’s impossible to make them larger without losing image quality. Any images which are too small to meet the new picture standards will be rejected (and refunded) and should be retaken.

How will you resize my images?

We will give you the largest possible output based on the image you supply, up to a maximum of 1600 pixels on the longest side. The minimum size is 500 pixels on the longest side. Images smaller than this will be rejected and refunded.

How will you crop my images?

eBay recommends that the product should fill 80-90% of the frame. To do this, we crop the image tightly, leaving a 5% white margin around the product on all sides. This guarantees the best possible display of your product image on all devices.

How do I update my eBay images?

You can use the text file to update your listings. It contains the eBay item number and image URLs for each listing.

I work with a multi-channel integrator. How do I update my images?

Just give your text file to the company you work with. They will be able to use it to update your images.

Will you change my image names?

No. When you download your images as a zip file, all your images will have the same names as when you uploaded them.

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