This article discusses the Users feature for PRO Studio.

What Are Users?

Users allows you to create separate accounts, logins and permissions for your team members who will be using PRO Studio. Each PRO Studio license comes with 3 user seats. Additional user seats can be purchased through your PRO Studio account as needed. 

User Profiles

As the account owner, you can set up as many user roles as needed, such as Accountant, Photographer or Studio Manager. User profiles are where you assign permissions to your users and can store them to be applied to future users as needed. This way, you do not need to create individual permissions settings every time you create a new user, you can simply reuse a stored user profile.

User Access

Individual users will be given separate email addresses to access the PRO Studio account as well as unique permissions set up by the PRO Studio account owner. Permissions can either allow or restrict the user on what features and settings they have access to. For example, if you have a user the just needs to upload orders, but does not need access to the final versions for download, you can restrict their access to just the upload functionality on their account. Permissions can be added, removed or changed at anytime by the account owner.



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